Force Relics

- A blend of props and pop culture -

Force Relics is a small company, founded by two friends with a common passion for Sci-Fi and props.

We've made it our goal to make and sell props, sabers and replicas we would have wanted in our very own collection.

We strive to bring high quality at the right price.

We offer finished products as well as custom jobs.

The Ultor

The Ultor is our newest creation in the budget line!

We are taking pre-orders for our Venator sabers. You can find more information here!

The Yun

It took a little longer than we had hoped, but we were finally able to show you guys our newest model: the Yun saber.

We will be offering these as empties saber kits, including a D-ring (installed) and a custom heat sink (alu and copper).

- All aluminium machined body
- Threaded blade holder and pommel
- Pommel vented for sound
- Inner diameter of 29mm from pommel to blade holder
- Blade holder machined for all types of 1 inch blades. Very deep blade holder so ideal for duelling!
- Powdercoated accents in flat black
- Custom machined heat sink module in aluminium and copper
- Chromed D-ring installed
- Bar is kept in place with 2 M4 screws (included) and can be removed easily for installing purposes, no glue is applied

We are selling these for 350 USD (+VAT for European customers) / kit

Please contact us via with any questions or orders.

We ship Worldwide, please enquire for actual shipping cost.

The Wampa - sold

This is our view on the concept art, nicknamed "The Wampa" for episode VII!

The Venator

We are taking pre-orders for our Venator sabers. You can find more information here!

Jayne Cobb Boo pistol

Straight out of the Firefly series, we bring you an exact replica of Jayne Cobb's sidarm. Nicknamed Boo, this pistol is full metal copy that would fit right in with your other Firefly props and memorabilia.

Kota run

We are taking pre-orders for our Rahm Kota saber. You can find more information here!

Kanan run - closed

Force Relics is now taking pre-orders for our Kanan Jarrus saber. You can find more information here!

TSW: Dark Side - sold

Our newest creation: TSW: Dark Side saber with CS2 from PlecterLabs!

Kanan - closed

With the World Wide premier of the new Rebels series, we at Force Relics, decided it was time to launch our Kanan saber.
What you see here is the Proof of Concept we have been working on for the past half year. No electronics are installed yet, but we are working on this in the very near future.

We hope to have a fully working hilt very soon, with a lot of Crystal Focus goodness of course!


Keep an eye on our site, facebook, deviantart or twitter account. We will publish a new saber soon!

Our site is finally online!

Force Relics never stood still these past few months. We've been doing what we're good at: constructing your prop and developing new products. But while the workbench was filled, the webside stayed empty. Since the convention season is getting closer, we want to be sure that our visitors find the necessary information and prices, and thus the site got a boost!
Be sure to check out our shop our gallery. If you can't find what you need, don't hesitate to contact us!